Hujan Locale offers a vast array of Indonesian dishes based on the specificity of Indonesian ingredients, but the menu is open to other food cultures. The concept is based on the ascertainment that, during the pandemic, people were way more focused on how they eat, how it’s made and how to do it themselves.

“It’s great to see people reconnect with cooking again, spending more time in the kitchen to experiment with different flavors, stocking their pantry with homemade ingredients, and creating new dishes. This is exactly how I have curated Hujan Locale’s new menu” says Chef Will Meyrick.

Unearthed Indonesian Treasures

Whether for lunch or dinner, the meals are placed at the centre of the table, and everyone can take whatever and whenever they want.

Our menu reflects this in a family-style grazing menu starting with smaller dishes at the top and working our way down to reflect larger dishes to share, welcome to our home and this how we like to eat.

Selamat Makan.