Hujan Locale by Will Meyrick | Ubud, Bali

Hujan Locale’s cuisine reflects my increasingly involved forays into all things Asian. He is often seen traipsing through back streets of some remote village in Java talking with an old granny, or visiting a local market to see what new things he can discover.

Hujan’s ethos is to source food locally as much as possible. More concerned farmers and produce growers are coming up with ethically produced chickens, pigs and a “found and foraged” philosophy.

Embracing the ethos of the Slow Food Movement, you will find that many of the dishes are slow cooked – the way to tenderize as well as to allow flavours to merge and soften.

Small plates

Tuna betel leaf
with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah and bumbu be pasih 40/pc

Beef sate Padang
with thick curry sauce, served with rice cake and pickled vegetables 115

Siobak Singaraja
cured pork belly caramelized in a spiced soy bean sauce with pickled cucumbers, mushrooms and krupuk babi 115

Tuna gohu
with pomelo, peanut, belimbing wuluh, chilli, lemon basil, coconut oil and cassava chips 120

Crispy squid
with chilli jam, ginger flower and lemongrass 125

Soft shell crab
with salted duck egg curry leaves and green chili 130

From The Land

Tipat blayag
smoked chicken simmered in coconut and basa genep spices with Balinese urap egg and crispy chicken skin 155

Tongseng kambing
slow braised lamb wrapped in cabbage with tomato, lime leaf and chilli, served with sambal pedas 180

Bebek goreng
with sambal mango, sambal hijau, ikan asin manis and lemon basil 175

Braised beef rawon
with wood roasted bone marrow, baby carrot, kecai sprouts, served in black nut sauce 190

From The Sea

Steamed ikan bumbu kuning
with green and red tomatoes, sour star fruit, lemon basil, chilli, charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu 185

Crispy whole fish
with sambal mangga and kemangi 190

Padang style cumi cumi kalio
stuffed with mince prawn simmered in rich curry with cassava leaf and petai 185



Hujan betel leaf
with ferntip, long bean, lemon basil, young jackfruit, charred shredded coconut and bumbu kalasan 39/pc

Tahu gejrot Cirebon
with garlic, shallot, chilli, palm sugar, tamarind and pickled cucumber 60

Green papaya salad
with carrot, tomato and chilli lime dressing 50


Kupat tahu fried tofu
with rice cake, tahu isi, omelet, beansprouts, cabbage, celery, peanut sauce and crackers 115

Gulai pakis and terong balado
a rich Padang style curry with ferntip, eggplant and egg 120

Sayur lodeh
with cabbage, chilli, potato, tempe, eggplant, coconut, served with emping melinjo 120


Oseng oseng
smoked fish, papaya, banana blossom and ferntip 55

Green papaya salad
with carrot, dried shrimp, tomato and chilli lime dressing 50

Jagung Bakar
grilled corn with ikan asin, butter, pork floss and aioli 50

Stir fried kangkung
with Thai sauce and garlic 50

Nasi kuning 30

Traditionally harvested hi-grade Balinese rice 20


Ginger lemongrass creme brulee
with strawberry, mint leaf, honey, black pepper, salted caramel stick and lime foam 80

Black sticky rice
with fresh jackfruit, candied coconut, jackfruit chips, bubur sumsum and milk tea ice cream 80

By the Glass

2017 Matua Marlborough, NZ – Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir 120

Champagne & Sparkling

NV Veuve Clicquot Brut, FRA 2450
NV Bollinger Special Cuvee, FRA 2200
NV Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, FRA 1975
NV De Bortoli Sacred Hill Brut Cuvee, AUS 500


2017 Ashbrook Estate, Margaret River, AUS 1210
2019 Milton Park, AUS 600
2019 Vina Maipo Pueblo, CHI 550

Sauvignon Blanc

2018 Matua Marlborough, NZ 695
2020 Stonefish, AUS 620
2014 Paul Cluver, SAF 595
2019 Vina Maipo Pueblo, CHI 550

Other whites

2012 Penfolds Koonunga Hill, Riesling, AUS 1000
2017 Plan B, Riesling, AUS 740
2018 Babich Marlbrough, Pinot Gris, NZ 650
2019 Masterpeace, Pinot Grigio, AUS 600
2018 Isola White, Moscato Dry, INA 385

Rose & Sweet Wine

2019 De Bortoli Sacred Hill, AUS 500
2019 Baby Doll, NZ 600

Pinot Noir

2018 Babich, Marlborough, NZ 855
2016 Naked Range Duet, AUS 815
2017 Concha Y Toro, CHI 725
2018 Matua Marlborough, NZ 695

Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Splash, AUS 700
2019 Santa Ema Reserva, CHI 650


2012 Paul Jaboulet Domaine,FRA 1750
2017 Thorn Clarke Sandpiper, AUS 770
2018 Wolfblass Bilyara, AUS 550


2017 Thorn Clarke Sandpiper, AUS 650
2017 Yali Wild Swan, CHI 605

Other Reds

2014 LuceLa Vite Lucente, ITA, Toscana Sangiovese/Merlot 1397
2017 Plan B, AUS,Tempranillo/Viognier 850
2017 Babich, Hawke’s Bay, NZ, Cabernet/Merlot 625
2017 Yali Wild Swan, CHI, Merlot 605

Cucumber South Side
(Gin, Aperol, Campari, sugar syrup, citrus, mint, cucumber) 130

Summer Land
(Gin, Campari, Pimm’s, lemon juice, mint, sugar syrup, topped with ginger ale) 130

Passion Smash
(Bourbon whiskey, Xrated, vanilla, passion fruit puree, lemon basil, topped with ginger beer) 130

Espresso Martini
(Vodka, Nusantara Cold Brew, espresso) 130

Whiskey Sour
(Bourbon whiskey, egg white, sweet & sour) 130

Classic Mojito
(Light rum, sweet & sour, mint leaves, soda) 130

Coconut Mojito
(Rum, coconut water, syrup, mint, citrus, topped with coconut candy) 130

Passion Fruit Margarita
(Tequila, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit puree, citrus, honey blossom) 130

Chilli & Lime Margarita
(Tequila, honey, pressed citrus, pineapple, chilli) 130


Bintang, INA 46

Juice & Water

Fresh Squeezed Juice (Watermelon or Orange) 50
Equil Natural 66/33
Equil Sparkling 70/35

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola 28
Ginger Ale 28
Sprite 28
Diet Coke 28
Coke Zero 28
Club Soda 28
Tonic Water 28


Espresso 31
Long Black, Capuccino, Macchiato, Latte 42

Organic Tea

Jasmine, Green Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Peppermint 42

Whisky & Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Red Label 99
Jim Beam Black 110
Canadian Club 110
Old Bushmills Irish 116
Jack Daniels Tennesse 116
Chivas Regal 12 yrs 116
Wild Turkey 121
Gentlemen Jack 132
Glenfiddich 12 138
J W Gold Label 138
Glenlivet 12 yrs 176
Chivas Regal 18 yrs 204
Macallan 12 yrs Single Malt 220
Glenmorangie 10 Yrs Single Malt 220
Macallan 15 yrs Single Malt 286
J W Blue Label 385
Royal Salute 21 yrs 523
Macallan 18 yrs Single malt 523


Gordon London Dry 99
Beefeater 99
Tanqueray 105
Bulldog 121
Bombay Sapphire 121
Hendrick’s 160
Tanqueray No.10 193


Absolut 99
Ketel One 116
Sky 90 149
Grey Goose 160
Belvedere 160
Ciroc 160
Absolut Elyx 160
Crystal Head 319


Bacardi Light 99
Havana 7 anos 116
Myers Dark Rum 116
Malibu 125
Sailor Jerry 138
Leblon Cachaca 138
Bacardi Gold 161
Ron Zacapa 176


Sierra 99
Jose Cuervo 99
Don Julio Reposado 165
Patron Silver/Coffee 165
Herradurra 165
Cabo Wabo Blanco 187
Cabo Wabo Reposado 198

Cognac & Brandy

St Remy VSOP 127
St Remy VSOP 127
Hennessy VSOP 297
Martell Cordon Bleu 325
Martell XO 385


Amaretto 105
Sambuca 105
Bailey’s Irish Cream 105
Cointreau 105
Grand Marnier 105
Drambuie 105
Frangelico 105
Kahlua 105

All prices are subject to 10% Govt. Tax with 7.5% Service Charge and the prices are in thousand rupiah