Grazing Indonesian Menu

Grouper & garlic chive dumpling
with smoked dashi & ginger shallot broth 110

Slipper lobster dumplings
with Padang style chilli sauce & fried curry leaf 130

Crispy chicken & pork Batagor dumpling
with charred kimchi cabbage, tofu & cashew nut, served with sweet soy sauce 170

Beef sate Padang
with thick curry sauce, served with rice cake & pickled vegetables 145

Sate babi merah
with plecing kangkung & sambal bongkot 145

Tuna betel leaf
with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah & bumbu be pasih 45pc

Scallop ceviche
with coconut, kalamansi , green chillli oil & finger limes 70pc

Jagung bakar
grilled corn with ikan asin, butter, pork floss & aioli 65

Oseng oseng
smoked fish, papaya flower, banan blossom & ferntip 70

Charred romaine lettuce
shaved sweet corn, salted egg yolks, bumbu kalasan & butter milk dressing 90

Hand chopped pork salad
snake bean, roasted coconut, palm heart, sambal kelur & semanggi 130

Chicken martabak
with curry powder, egg, leek and Asian celery, served with pickles & tamarind soy dressing 130

Smoked Balinese sausage
with chopped green papaya, coconut, serundeng & sambal roa 130

Tuna gohu
with pomelo, watermelon, peanut, belimbing wuluh, chilli, lemon basil, coconut oil & cassava chips 154

Soft shell crab
with salted duck egg, curry leaves & red chilli 180

Tipat blayag
smoked chicken simmered in coconut & basa genep spices, with Balinese urap egg & crispy chicken skin 180

Acehnese charred grilled octopus
with young sour starfruit, curry leaf, pandan, green chilli & okra 190

Steamed ikan bumbu kuning
with green & red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli & charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu 220

Crispy whole fish rice paddy tilapia
served with two traditional sambals ikan asin manis & sambal mango 220

Padang style cumi cumi kalio
stuffed with minced prawn, simmered in rich curry, with cassava leaf & petai 230

Bebek goreng
with sambal mango, sambal hijau, ikan asin manis & lemon basil 260

Braised beef rawon
with wood roasted bone marrow, baby carrot, kecai sprouts, served in black nut sauce 280

Slow cooked beef rendang
simmered in rich padang spices & coconut milk 290

Tongseng kambing
slow braised lamb, wrapped in cabbage, with tomato, lime leaf & chilli, served with sambal pedas 310

Babi panggang
slow cooked char sui pork hock with charred cabbage steamed buns & pickled cucumber 370

Stir fried kangkung with homemade soy sauce & garlic 60
Roti canai with cashew nut butter and sambal ketchup 65
Nasi kuning 30
Traditionally harvest hi grade Balinese rice 30