Grazing Indonesian Menu

Grouper & garlic chive dumpling 100
with smoked dashi & ginger shallot broth

Slipper lobster dumplings 120
with Padang style chilli sauce & fried curry leaf

Crispy rabbit & pork fat Batagor dumpling 150
with charred kimchi cabbage, tofu & cashew nut, served with sweet soy sauce

Sate babi merah 135
with plecing kangkung &sambal bongkot

Beef sate Padang 135
with thick curry sauce, served with rice cake & pickled vegetables

Sate klatak of lamb 175
served with whipped kenari nut & yoghurt sauce

Tuna betel leaf 45pc
with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah & bumbu be pasih

Scallop ceviche 60pc
with coconut, kalamansi , green chillli oil & finger limes

Jagung Bakar 55
grilled corn with ikan asin, butter, pork floss & aioli

Oseng oseng 60
smoked fish, papaya flower, banana blossom & ferntip

Charred romaine lettuce 80
shaved sweet corn, salted egg yolks, bumbu kalasan & butter milk dressing

Chicken martabak 120
with curry powder, egg, leek and Asian celery, served with pickles & tamarind soy dressing

Hand chopped duck salad 120
snake bean, roasted coconut, palm heart, sambal kelur & semanggi

Smoked Balinese sausage 120
with chopped green papaya, coconut, serundeng & sambal roa

Tuna gohu 144
with pomelo, peanut, belimbing wuluh, chilli, lemon basil, coconut oil & cassava chips

Soft shell crab 180
with salted duck egg, curry leaves & red chilli

Crispy fried Javanese chicken 150
with salted egg yolk sauce, curry leaf, fried chilli & buttermilk dressing

Tipat blayag 170
smoked chicken simmered in coconut & basa genep spices, with Balinese urap egg & crispy chicken skin

Acehnese charred grilled octopus 190
with young sour starfruit, curry leaf, pandan, green chilli & charred cabbage

Steamed ikan bumbu kuning 190
with green & red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli & charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu

Crispy whole fish rice paddy tilapia 190
served with two traditional sambals ikan asin manis & sambal mango

Padang style cumi cumi kalio 250
stuffed with minced prawn, simmered in rich curry, with cassava leaf & petai

Bebek goreng 290
with sambal mangga, sambal hijau, ikan asin manis & lemon basil

Tongseng kambing 320
slow braised lamb, wrapped in cabbage, with tomato, lime leaf & chilli, served with sambal pedas

Slow cooked beef brisket rendang 320
simmered in rich padang spices & coconut milk

Braised beef rawon 330
with wood roasted bone marrow, baby carrot, kecai sprouts, served in black nut sauce

Babi panggang 395
slow cooked char sui pork hock with steamed gailan, steamed buns & pickled cucumber

Stir fried kangkung with homemade soy sauce & garlic 60
Roti canai with cashew nut butter and sambal ketchup 55
Nasi kuning 30
Traditionally harvest hi grade Balinese rice 30