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Grazing Menu

Dumplings & Sates

GROUPER & GARLIC CHIVE DUMPLING with smoked dashi & ginger shallot broth 120
SLIPPER LOBSTER DUMPLINGS with Padang-style chilli sauce & fried curry leaf 140
BEEF SATE PADANG with thick curry sauce, served with rice cake & pickled vegetables 150
SATE BABI MERAH with plecing kangkung & sambal bongkot 150
CRISPY CHICKEN & PORK BATAGOR DUMPLING with charred kimchi cabbage, tofu & cashew nut, served with sweet soy sauce 175

Grouper & Garlic Chive Dumplings

Slipper Lobster Dumplings

Crispy Chicken & Pork Batagor Dumpling

Small Plates

TUNA BETEL LEAF with lemongrass, green tomato, sambal matah & bumbu be pasih 50/pc
HAND-CHOPPED DUCK LAWAR with palm heart, ferntip, duck liver pate, homemade rice crackers 60/pc
SCALLOP CEVICHE with coconut, kalamansi , green chilli oil & finger limes 75/pc
JAGUNG BAKAR grilled corn with ikan asin, butter, pork floss & aioli 70
OSENG OSENG smoked fish, papaya flower, banana blossom & ferntip 75
CHARRED ROMAINE LETTUCE shaved sweet corn, salted egg yolks, bumbu kalasan & butter milk dressing 95
FLAME TORCHED SMOKED TUNA with belimbing wuluh, apple eggplant, toasted turmeric coconut, serombotan dressing 130
CHICKEN MARTABAK with curry powder, egg, leek and Asian celery, served with pickles & tamarind soy dressing 140
TUNA GOHU with pomelo, watermelon, peanut, belimbing wuluh, chilli, lemon basil, coconut oil & cassava chips 160
SOFT SHELL CRAB with salted duck egg, curry leaves & red chilli 180

Tuna Betel Leaf

Scallop Ceviche

Chicken Martabak

Oseng Oseng

Tuna Gohu

Charred Romaine Lettuce

Large Plates

LONTONG SAYUR TIFFIN light Jakarta-style curry with tempe, egg, curry, runner beans, rice cakes, rice noodles & sambal terasi 125
SLOW-COOKED BETAWI-STYLE CHICKEN with jackfruit curry, coconut milk & choco 140
GRILLED CHICKEN HABANG with urab Banjar long bean, bean sprout, carrot, coconut, egg and pickled vegetables 190
ACEHNESE CHICKEN KORMA slow-cooked in yogurt ghee, mint, ginger, cashew nuts, green chilli, potato & fried shallots 195
ACEHNESE CHAR-GRILLED OCTOPUS with young sour starfruit, curry leaf, pandan, green chilli & okra 200
GRILLED SATE BUNTEL lamb sausages caramelized in sweet soy chili sambal & Javanese gulai tengkleng 225
STEAMED IKAN BUMBU KUNING with green & red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli & charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu 225
CRISPY WHOLE FISH rice paddy tilapia served with two traditional sambals ikan asin manis & sambal mango 230
PADANG-STYLE CUMI CUMI KALIO stuffed with minced prawn, simmered in rich curry, with cassava leaf & petai 235

Lontong Sayur Tiffin

Slow-Cooked Betawi Style Chicken

Grilled Chicken Habang

Acehnese Char-Grilled Octopus

Steamed Ikan Bumbu Kuning

Padang Style Cumi Cumi Kalio

BEBEK GORENG with sambal mango, sambal hijau, ikan asin manis & lemon basil 270
BRAISED BEEF RAWON with wood-roasted bone marrow, baby carrot, kecai sprouts, served in black nut sauce 290
SLOW-COOKED BEEF RENDANG simmered in rich Padang spices, coconut milk served with cassava leaf sambal ijo & nasi kuning 300
BABI BAKAR BALUNG NASI CAMPUR home made sausage, pork ear lawar, nasi yasa, pork crackling, slow cooked pork knuckle cooked over charcoal fire 300
TONGSENG KAMBING slow-braised lamb, wrapped in cabbage, with tomato, lime leaf & chilli, served with sambal pedas 320
BABI PANGGANG slow-cooked char siu pork hock with charred cabbage, steamed buns & pickled cucumber (for 2) 380
DENDENG BABI BALADO grilled pork tomahawk with sambal balado, plecing kangkung & sambal emba 470
HOUSE-SMOKED BLACK PEPPER SHORT RIB with Javanese sweet soy sambal & belimbing wuluh (for 2) 690

Slow-Cooked Beef Rendang

Babi Panggang

Dendeng Babi Balado

SUMATRAN-STYLE SAMBAL GORENG KENTANG potatoes cooked in spicy sambal, petai, chili & lemongrass 70
STIR-FRIED KANKUNG with homemade soy sauce & garlic 65
ROTI CANAI with cashew nut butter and sambal ketchup 65
NASI SAMIN Arabic-influenced biryani, raisins, star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, fried shallots, mint and coriander 55