Group Lunch & Dinner

For reservations of 10 people and more, a set sharing menu is required and several options are offered, each of which can be customized for a bespoke group experience. Below is our current Set Menu (375K++ / Pax)

You can download a PDF version of this menu by clicking here

For further information, please contact the restaurant (you will find the reservation/contact options at the bottom of this page)

Crispy rabbit & pork Batagor dumpling
with charred kimchi cabbage, tofu & cashew nut, served with sweet soy sauce

Slipper lobster dumplings
with Padang style chilli sauce & fried curry leaf

Beef sate Padang
with thick curry sauce, served with rice cake & pickled vegetables\

Chicken martabak
with curry powder, egg, leek and Asian celery, served with pickles & tamarind soy dressing

Steamed ikan bumbu kuning
with green & red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli & charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu

Slow cooked beef brisket rendang
simmered in rich padang spices & coconut milk

Babi panggang slow cooked char sui pork hock
with charred cabbage steamed buns & pickled cucumber

Traditionally harvest hi grade Balinese rice