The menu celebrates the cuisine of Indonesia and honour the farm to table practices Hujan Locale is known for. The use of sustainably grown produce, the home smoked and cured meats, the locally sourced organic vegetables and the creation of contemporary twists on traditional Indonesian cuisine that has brought regional foods into the international spotlight.

Hujan Locale provides as well special menus : Vegetarian menu, Gluten Free, Nut Free menus


  • Tuna betel leaf with lemongrass green tomato sambal matah and bumbu pasih
  • Sundanese steamed and fried fish dumplings with chili peanut sauce and sambal ketchup
  • Dutch Indonesian salted cod kroket with chili mayonnaise and chili sambal
  • “Siobak Singaraja” cured pork belly caramelized in a spiced soy bean sauce with pickled cucumbers and mushrooms and krupuk babi
  • Beef sate Padang with thick curry sauce served with rice cake and pickled vegetables
  • Chili wood roasted ayam Taliwang stued with prawn meat served with cassava chips
  • Tuna gohu with pomelo peanut belimbing wuluh chili lemon basil coconut oil and cassava chips
  • Soft shell crab with salted duck egg curry leaves and green chili
  • “Sate buntel” minced lamb wrapped in caul and served with a goat bone tengkleng
  • Crispy squid with chili jam ginger flower lemongrass
  • Lake Toba snapper ceviche marinated in kair lime juice andaliman peanut chili ginger flowers and served with krupuk peyek


  • Oseng oseng smoked cakalang flower papaya banana blossom with ferntip
  • “Jagung Bakar” grilled corn with ikan asin butter pork floss andaliman aioli
  • Green papaya salad with carrot dried shrimp tomato and chili lime dressing
  • “Nasi tutug oncom” stir fried rice with green chili kencur and fermented soya bean
  • Stir fried kangkung with Thai sauce and garlic
  • Nasi kuning
  • Roti canai
  • Traditionally harvest hi grade Balinese rice


  • Sop buntut with oxtail dumplings baby carrots sun dried cherry tomatoes and a rich Javanese broth
  • “Tongseng kambing” slow braised lamb wrapped in cabbage with tomato lime leaf and chili served with sambal pedas
  • Bebek goreng with sambal mango sambal hijau ikan asin manis & lemon basil
  • “Tipat blayag” smoked chicken simmered in coconut and basa genep spices with Balinese urap egg and crispy chicken skin
  • “Babi panggang” confit pork belly with a coconut ferntip urap and andaliman Batak sauce made from liver & blood served with crispy pork krupuk
  • “Dalca kambing” lamb shank with young jackfruit baby carrot dahl and long beans served with roti canai
  • 48hrs rawon short rib beef with wood roasted bone marrow baby carrots kecai sprouts and served in black nut sauce


  • “Mie Aceh basah” with handpicked crab homemade noodles Asian celery green shallot and sambal pedas
  • Padang style “ikan selar bakar panggang”
  • Prawn woku with prawn pangsit kemangi and green shallot
  • Nothern Sumatran octopus rendang with star anise fennel and chopped turmeric leaf
  • Padang style cumi cumi kalio stued with mince prawn simmered in rich curry with cassava leaf and petai
  • “Ikan asap mangut” tea smoked barramundi with pete ginger flower simmered in coconut milk and sambal krecek
  • “Steamed ikan bumbu kuning” with green and red tomatoes sour star fruit lemon basil chili and charred sweet corn and sambal dabu dabu
  • Crispy whole fish with sambal mangga and kemangi
  • Salt baked whole fish with sambal matah lemo and kemangi