Vegetarian Menu

Hujan betel leaf 45
with fern tip, long bean, lemon basil, young jack fruit, charred shredded coconut & bumbu kalasan

Green papaya salad 55
with carrot tomato and chili lime dressing

Tahu gejrot Cirebon 65
with garlic, shallot, chili, palm sugar, & tamarind

Kupat tahu 120
fried tofu with rice cake, tahu isi, omelet, beansprouts, cabbage, celery, peanut sauce & crackers

Gulai pakis & terong balado 120
a rich Padang style curry with fern tips, eggplant & egg

Sayur lodeh 125
cabbage, chilli, potato, tempe, eggplant, coconut, served with emping melinjo